Steve's Wood Strip Canoe Page

As a woodworker, I like to see my projects work. By 'work', I mean that I like them to do a job besides just sitting there. That is why I have built so many clocks over the last two years. (It is also helpful to know what time it is!) It is for this reason that I decided to build a strip canoe. I did not know where to start but saw an advertisement for Noah's, a wooden boat store. I checked the Internet and found many sites some of which are listed below. One of the most helpful bits of information came from a book called Canoecraft. This book covers everything from history to actually building the canoe. Seven designs are covered in the book.

Pictures of constructing the canoe.


My construction journal


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Green Valley Boat Works Noah's Boat Supply
Guillemot Kayaks The Newfound Woodworks
Laughing Loon Custom Canoes & Kayaks

Updated November 2011