Dakota 28 Locomotive

In August 2006, I introduced my newest locomotive, Dakota 28, to the Canton, St. Paul & Pacific Railway in Canton, Georgia. For years, I have wanted to be able to hear the "clickety clack" of the rails and recognized that the only way to accomplish this was to build an electric powered locomotive. In the first two months, I managed to run it twice at Canton, twice at Eagle Point, and at Mid-South in Columbia, TN.


The frame is made from 3" x 5# channel with a 3/16" plate deck which was later changed out to a 1/2" plate. This heavy steel gives the locomotive some of its weight. The wheels were purchased from Mountain Car Company. They ride on the inside of the channel and are supported by two springs each.


The motor is a 1 HP model from National Power Chair. The power is taken from the motor with #35 roller chain via a 2.5:1 ratio to a jack shaft that is supported between the channel. From there more 35# chain transmits the power to each axle via a 2:1 ratio. The locomotove has more than enough power as I can spin the wheels. Its top speed is about 70 scale miles per hour.


I use a 4QD controller to operate the motor. All the systems run of of 24 volts that are powered by two 12v deep cycle type 27 batteries. I have set up the engine for six auxiliary systems. Currently, I have six systems. They are (1) headlight, (2) ditch lights, and (3) a horn (4) loud horn, (5) brake selonoid, (6) cooling fans. The ditch lights are 12v halogen bulbs in series from Home Depot. The headlight is made from from flashlights that were rewired to have three LEDS in parallel with 4 sets in series for each lamp for operating at 24 volts.

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