Skeleton Clock

I have just completed my latest wooden movement clock as seen in the first picture. This clock is made from 3/8" Baltic Birch Plywood, Paduak, Rosewood, and Ebony. This creation took about 100 hours to build....I think because I gave up counting the hours after just 30 hours. Each wheel is totally different and only two pinions (the small wheels) are the same. This means that each pattern for the teeth was never used but once (unless you accidentally drop the router into the form and take a chuck out of a tooth). A router was used to cut each gullet between the teeth. This takes forever on the large 64 tooth wheel.

The clock was started for the first time on Saturday February 12, 2000. It won a third place in the amateur division of the February 2000 Scholarship Meeting for the Woodworker's Guild of Georgia.

The design was purchased from Marc Tovar's web site --->
If you have never built this clock before I would suggest that you give it much more time. I mde a few modifications to the plans that include more bearings and steel pins in brass bushings.

Clock working in shop
Angle shot of clock
 All of the parts