Zip Line

Over Christmas Break 2011, we gave our kids a zip line for the back yard. I looked online and at stores and found lots of cheap equipment that would probably break after a few months. I decided to buy the components seperately and assemble it myself. The trolley and turnbuckle online from This online store is a great resource if you have not done this before. The cable and accessories were purchased locally from Home Depot. This gave us a zip line that could hold adults if needed. The following are some of the pictures showing the equipment and two videos showing the zip line in operation. Below is also a list of the equipment needed.

The Trolley rides on the cable and the carabiner hooks to it and the rope that runs through the seat allowing for another child to pull the rider to the top of the line.


I chose 1/4" galvanized 7/19 aircraft cable. It was available at Home Depot in a 100 foot roll for a good price.

Cable Clamps

Videos of the kids running the line.