Bubinga Grandfather Clock
Face of Clock Grandfather ClockThis clock was designed by Wayne Westphale and was built following plans from Fine Woodworking's Small Woodworking Products, 1992. Although it was my no means a small project, it was a lot of fun. The clock took about 125 hours to build. Most of the work took place making the gears. The clock was made using Kingwood,East Indian Rosewood, Curly Bubinga, Padauk, and Ebony. For more information on wooden clockworks, please go to the links below.

New Wooden Clock

Gothic Cathedral Clock
Gothic Clock


Walnut Clock
Walnut Clock

Design from the New Yankee Workshop. 1996

Maple Clock
Maple Clock

Design as Christmas gifts. 1996

Banjo Clock
Banjo Clock

This clock is my design.1997

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