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Updated December 2013

Locomotive built in Fall 2002 - Click here.
Locomotive built in Summer 2006 - Click here.
Riding Car built in Spring 2005 - Click here.
Air Brakes
2012 Version - Click here.
Tank Car
Rebuilt in Fall 2013 - Click here.
Built in 2003 - Click here.

SS-Directions.pdf (161k)

SS-Drawings.pdf (254k)

SS-Materials.pdf (28k)

SS-Total_Package.pdf (444k)


Clubs Visited

        Chattanooga Society of Model Engineers - The RR that I am a member of and home of the Eagle Point Railway.

        Canton, St Paul & Pacific Railway - Located in Canton, GA

        Mid-South Live Steamers

        Houston Live Steamers

        NE Florida Live Steamers

        North Georgia Live Steamers - Georgia

        Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad - Florida

Other Clubs

        Joshua Tree & Southern Rail Road Club

        Ridge Live Steamers - Florida

        Sacramento Live Steamers - California

        Southwestern Live Steamers - Texas

        Nelson Locomotive - Building a Shay Locomotive

        White Creek Railroad - Michigan

        Train Mountain - Oregon


        Yahoo! Live Diesel Group

        Yahoo! Live Steam Structures

        Discover Live Steam Forum

Suppliers of Live Steam Products

        Mountain Car Company - Supplier I have used.

        Little Engines


        RMI Company

General Material Sites


        McMaster Company

        Northern Tool & Equipment

        Small Parts - You name it! They have it.

        Clippard - Makers of pneumatic fittings

        SDP/SI - Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instruments

Electric Driver Locomotive


        Northeast Battery - Distributors of Trojan Battery

        AutoZone - Deep Cycle Batteries

        Anderson Connectors - Battery quick disconnects

    Electric Controllers

        4QD Controllers - Controllers for electric motors. (UK)


        Briggs and Stratton E-Tek motor - ~$400  

        Bosch 750W - ~$225

    Motor Suppliers - Many are Robot , Scooters, or Wheel Chair Suppliers       

        NPC Robotics - National Power Chair in Minnesota

        S D Scooters - California

        Robot Marketplace - California

        Technobots - United Kingdom

        Team Delta

        Leeson Motors - See motor M1120046

        Pike Lake and Eastern Railroad Hartford Shops - Supplies the motor above with gear box.

    Electric Supplies

        All Electronics - All sorts of supplies from switches, relays, wiring, connectors. Online and .pdf catalog available.

        Digikey Electronics - All sorts of supplies.


        Jameco Electronics - California

        Radio Shack

    Sound Cards

        Dallee Electronics - Sound Systems

        Laurier's Handy Dandy Circuits - Train sounds

Power Transmission - Belts, gears, universal joints

        Boston Gear

        General Bearing - 22612-88

        Surplus Supply - Cheap parts / sprockets, chain, bearings / Parts not great.

        Tol-o-matic - See the Products/Power Transmission/Gearboxes page on the menu

Gasoline Driver Locomotive

    Gasoline Engines

        Small Engine Warehouse - Gasoline engines

        Engine Meter - Hour / Tachometer Display

    Hydraulic Parts

        Hydraulic Supply Company - Eaton Model 7


Steel Suppliers


        Industrial Metal Sales

        Online Metals


    Local - Atlanta, Georgia

        IMS Georgia Steel Supply - I have used them before. Great Service.

        Valiant Steel